Software Localization & CMS Integrations

Software Localization & CMS Integrations

Software Localization & CMS Integrations

Embrace automation, workflow transparency, and fast project delivery with LangSpire’s Software Localization & CMS Integrations. We know that it is important for our clients to deliver results to their users in speed and in their very own native language (particularly when 9 out of 10 people ignore a product if it’s not in their language) to be successful, and we give our clients the confidence that a robust software localization tool will help lead the way.

Our team of experts understand that it is important for our clients to have a software localization platform that supports the wealth of different file formats and programming languages. Our system with the aid of our team members allows content, design, localization, and development to combine efforts from within a single space – teamwork makes the dream work, they say. Our professional translators and engineering team deliver end-to-end software localization with accuracy, speed, and quality.

With LangSpire, you can tailor and restructure your workflow from the very start. Our dozens of integration options can automate all your current manual interactions between product development and localization functions.

Software localization and CMS Integrations adapts software to the linguistic, cultural and legal requirements of a specific locale. It entails not only software translation (e.g., translating text-based elements), but also tweaks graphics, layouts, formatting, and more—not to mention satisfying local legal requirements, data compliance, device preferences and technology trends. Our team at LangSpire, creates all the necessary documentation, roadmaps and supporting tools for executing software from scratch, as well as cultivating an existing software, using your framework for any language.

Software localization and CMS Integrations plays an important part when your software has significant network effects, meaning it delivers more user value as it becomes more popular, then software localization will ensure scalability. If by now you have an audience abroad, or expected to get one, consider the software localization process in the early stage of application development.

Some TIPS FOR Software localization and CMS Integrations to help our clients’ with:

  • Avoid concatenation
  • Design with language in mind
  • Build a library of internationalized objects
  • Use pseudo-localization
  • Plan for at least 30% text expansion so keep text short
  • Don’t use acronyms
  • Don’t reuse the same text in different context
  • Don’t hardcode text or punctuation
  • Make sure to use UTF-8 encoding
  • Do use icons

Software localization and CMS Integrations has been pushed to the forefront of business requirements, as companies from all sectors connect technology to escalate revenues and intensify customer contentment. Whether it’s a multifaceted program to operate machinery, an app for customers to order products, or even a computer game, quality software localization has become vital to drive development and maximize global revenue as consumers recurrently show inclination for their native language.

We at LangSpire have an established track record in assisting companies break down linguistic and cultural barricades by familiarizing both content and functionality to international audiences. Our high-performance, comprehensive software localization service promises a smooth, successful launch and supreme user satisfaction. Our linguists are hand-picked for your project according to their sector familiarity. All have broad software localization understanding and provide genuine, precise content to boost sales and confirm immaculate user experience. The team at LangSpire works closely with the client to provide tried, tested, and trusted results, mastering countless platforms and file types to plan and implement superior multilingual software.  Furthermore, our team of experts seamlessly integrate software with the Translation Memory technology, effortlessly localizing text at all levels of our client’s’ software, including features such as toolbars, error messages, commands, and strings.

With our vast and years of experience demonstrates that an all-inclusive approach to software localization and CMS Integrations achieves optimum credibility and usability, which is why we have the competence to upkeep a client’s full localization strategy, translating not just user interfaces, but supplementary features including online help, installation guides, feedback, and license agreements.

With our assurance for high quality software localization and CMS Integrations our client’s programs and applications will be used effortlessly and meritoriously by global audiences.

With Langspire strong team of individuals around the globe, our clients’ can now Leverage our powerful integrations framework and integrate your preferred business and marketing technologies with our TMS. We at LangSpire assist clients’ seamlessly to integrate with today’s best CMS Softwares such as; Sitecore, Episerver, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Tridion.

We enable businesses to centralize all their content and deliver it anywhere – websites, portals, mobile, or any Internet of Things device. Furthermore, we help bring business and technology teams into synchronization with our headless TMS, and unleash the complete prospective of their marketers, editors, designers, and developers.