Computer Assisted Tools

Computer Assisted Tools

Computer Assisted Tools

To avoid repetitive sentences in translating documents or websites, LangSpire can provide Computer assisted translation tools in order to efficiently save time and effort when doing translations.

We at LangSpire know that translation work needs to be steady in all parts of the content, be it a brochure or a website or a manual. CAT ensures everything, including terms, abbreviations, product titles, etc. to be consistent across all the multilingual content.

Our expert team members who handle computer assisted translation tools offer assurance of  auto correcting, automatic flags to notify grammatical errors or formatting bugs, missing translations, missing tags, inconsistency in numbers, etc.

We understand that time is money and our clients’ need a quick turnaround time for translation work with very high translation quality. With the use of computer assisted translation tools by our team we ensure that the software utilizes the pre-existing TM for making suggestions on previously made similar translations. This will result in increased productivity for the translator without having a need to waste his or her time in going back again and again to cross reference the documents translated earlier, hence, leading to quick submission of task and reduce chances of error.

Computer-assisted translation tool at LangSpire allows the translator to be able to swiftly search and alter-if needed- a particular segment of the text. It is programmed to assist the translator with the revision in a timely manner too.

Computer-assisted translation tool works in compatibility with the requirements of the digital age. It comes with the technology to deliver backup support to a translated document confirming that in case of any mishap, a copy of the document can be retrieved.

Computer-assisted translation tool has added critically to the productivity of translation method while ensuring the accessibility of quality translation. It is a crucial tool for both translators and buyers of translation services.