Translation Management Systems

Translation Management Systems

Translation Management Systems

The translation management system at LangSpire is a method planned to accomplish the clients’ needs for localization and translation of language assets. Localizing your web and mobile app, games or other software comes with many benefits. Adding more languages rises the aptitude to reach a greater audience, shape trust and appeal new customers in the market.

The team enrolled for translation management system helps businesses and brands establish and manage their translated assets and allows all clients’ to work collaboratively. With the help of LangSpire’s translation management system our clients’ can go a step further than just translating text, the system allows them to preserve brand vision and identity by helping to ensure the translated content is contextualized. In our translation management system, much of the translation is accomplished automatically with the use of machine learning or AI, then revised by native speakers for context.

Boost your business or brand with our translation management system by improving your quality, better time-to-market, save more money, cut your costs, streamline your processes, improve your margins, win big deals and grasp new markets. We help give your business every possible advantage to prosper.

Translation Management System team at LangSpire help our clients’ establish the localization workflow, track the development of translation projects and ease manual tasks via automation.

We know that handling the localization method with emails and spreadsheets is a pain. A Translation Management System allows the team at LangSpire to work and communicate in one platform and measure the overall progress of the client project at hand. Our clients can benefit from the reuse of the translation content on their iOS app to Android App with the help of translation memory.

The earlier you start using a translation management system, the better. With LangSpire’s Translation Management System you can systematize your localization workflow and start reaching audiences globally. Our translation management system has native incorporations for the most popular e-Commerce platforms, content management systems, help desk portals, marketing hubs, and sources to make localization painless. LangSpire has a team of brilliant and skillful translators from all over the globe to deliver true translation in any language required by our clients.

Overcome the localization challenges with LangSpire’s next generation translation management system, which performs as a vital hub for localization. The localization hub unites all project stakeholders and resources under one roof, safeguarding an unimpeded workflow and smooth communications at all times. LangSpire’s translation management system is all about consolidating and mechanizing dissimilar processes, ensuing in a highly cost-efficient, manageable and scalable content supply chain.

Through a centralized translation management system, our clients’ can achieve significant and proven gains and savings, including:

  • Decreased localization costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved quality
  • Secure environment
  • Scalability