Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Interpretation services are the facility of spoken or sign language communiqué by a professional interpreter translator to deliver a message from the language of the source speaker or writer, into the language of the audience member.

Overview of Our Interpretation Services

LangSpire’s translating and interpreting service connects you with your potential audience. We provide you with the best interpretation services that give you access to limit-English speakers and as well as deaf or sign language people, enhancing the overall experience of your clients and customers. Our certified language interpreters are fluent in Arabic, Korean, French and Chinese interpreter services, and many more, ensuring you and your client’s message is translated accurately.

On-Site Interpreter Services

When you need on-site interpreter services to help you communicate across regions or nations, LangSpire Interpretation services will help you find a professional interpreter translator person. We Schedule a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter for in-person meetings. We can help you find industry-specific Interpreters. Our team of experts can help provide language translation solutions to businesses, hospitals, government agencies, law firms, nonprofit organizations, and many more.

With a large network of professional interpreter translators available in various languages, we’ll tie you with a high-quality on site interpreter service that recognizes your industry.

Phone Interpreter Service

Connect to phone interpreter in various languages in less than one minute. Set up an account for 24/7 access for your team, or contact us to set up a one-time call. Over the phone interpreter involves a three-way call. The telephone interpreter services simplify the conversation between the two parties who are speaking diverse languages. Our phone interpreter team member could be within the same building or office as the client or in a remote location.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

At LangSpire, our VRI interpreter platform is used to work with a professional interpreter on-demand in different languages, including American Sign Language (ASL). Available by appointment, or on-demand with a monthly plan.

Video remote interpreting services use devices such as web cameras or videophones to offer sign language or spoken language video interpreter services. This is done through remote interpreting services, in order to communicate with persons with whom there is a communication barrier.

Conference Interpretation

Add multilingual conference interpretation for any event, big or small. Our team of professional conference interpreters will read and understand your topic, set up the equipment, and convey a next-level communication experience with real-time interpreting for you and your guests.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

We have the perfect, skilled and qualified online remote simultaneous video interpreter to help you to have a productive meeting. In an Online video meeting, a simultaneous interpretation service can add a real-time language interpreter person to your video calls on Zoom or other platforms.

Accurate Interpreting Services, We Provide at LangSpire

  • Access Interpreters Anytime

We make it easy to find the work with LangSpire interpreters at any time of the day. Schedule in early or access on-demand services with a monthly plan.

  • 200+ Languages & Dialects Accessible

Acquire on-demand telephone interpreter services in more than 200 languages and in-person and video facilities in 15+ languages. If you have a definite need, our team of experts can assist you to find an accurate interpreter for you.

  • Professional Interpreters

Our team of interpreters is specialized and certified by one or more nationally recognized organizations. They have also been tested for language adeptness, construing skills, and standards for moral behavior.

  • The Highest Quality, Certified!

We participate in regular ISO audits by a third-party registrar. Our extraordinary attention to detail helped us obtain our ISO certification inspection, with zero corrective actions required.

How We are Experts in Accurate Interpreting Services?

Qualified & Certified Interpreters

We offer both trained and proficient language interpretation services. Our language interpreter translator has either received national certification or passed internal assessments for aptitude, abilities, and moral conduct.

Various Languages Available

Our network of a large team of interpreters can assist you to find the right interpreter services for your needs for almost any type of job; be it, Legal, business, and medical interpreter.

Any time, Anyplace

On-Site Interpretation Services necessitate early notification. But with a suitable time to schedule your services, we at LangSpire interpreting agency can help you get the right accurate interpreting solutions that fit your need almost anywhere, be it day or night.

COVID-19 In-Person Procedures

We know how important it is to take care of and follow all the Covid-19 procedures. Our on-site interpreting staff is trained and assigned to follow strict safety protocols to keep you, your team, and your guests protected in the current health crisis.

Interpretation Services vs Translation Services

Interpretation vs Translation Services are often used interchangeably, but there are strong dissimilarities between these closely related linguistic disciplines.
The two tasks, accurate translating and interpreting services are closely related to linguistic disciplines. Still, they are hardly ever executed by the same people. The variance in abilities, training, skill and even language knowledge is so extensive that only a few people can do both effectively on a professional level.

In simple words;  An interpreter is an individual specifically qualified to transform oral messages from one language to another, someone who works with spoken words and translates orally.
A translator is an individual particularly skilled to translate written text from one language to another, hence, a person who works with written text only.

These two professions are seldom executed by the same person due to dissimilarities in skillsets, training, and language knowledge essential to provide each of these services. Knowing these differences in both professions is crucial when choosing the service needed.

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