Translations Made Translucent – Translation Management Systems

Translations Made Translucent – Translation Management Systems

Translations Made Translucent – Translation Management Systems

Translation Management Systems are programs that provision multifaceted translation tasks, making translations more translucent & transparent. Translation Management Systems are designed to cope with the localization and translation of language assets. Moreover, this is also normally known as translation management software, and supports significantly in handling translated assets at gage.

To help aid in translating a great amount of content for many different languages and dialects, a translation management system supports businesses and brands to create and achieve their translated resources and permits all parties to work collaboratively with ease. Translation management systems go a step advance than just translating text, these advanced systems countenance our clients’ to maintain brand vision and identity by facilitating to safeguard the translated content contextual format. In a translation management system, much of the translation is accomplished automatically with the use of machine learning or AI, then revised by native speakers for context.

With Parlam in collaboration with Langspire, the aim of assisting big companies to organize their translation needs has become much more manageable and more efficient. Parlam is a flagship product that aids not only to resolve big businesses and brands problems at once, but also eradicates all barricades and manual procedures that are needed when a new project is shaped until the translation is established, self-sufficiently of the translator, or agency, involved in the process. With Parlam on the panel we are now in:


Translations of businesses and brands are now on time, offering good quality & most of all within the budget.


With Parlam our clients’ can now easily connect their CMS and/or any IT system, to transport work to the translators in an automated way.


With the availability of Parlam we can now help our clients’ upsurge productivity, eradicating time intense actions and re-use translated content with a Translation Memory.



With Parlam in collaboration we help businesses and brands shape projects by work teams or departments. Projects are connected with specific people, regarding privacy and security of data.

With a reliable and efficient Translation Management System (TMS) our clients’ can better manage the stream of global content through the localization process, including translation, the sharing of linguistic data and the application of reusable content via workflow automation according to business rules and project information held in its knowledge base. Information is chased through every step in the translation process whether using internal or external resources. Translation management technology mechanizes the translation procedure, unifies linguistic assets and allows partnership across the entire translation supply chain.


Translation management system aims at removing the manual labor involved in handling translations. As an alternative of being labor full, a translation management system systematizes much of the translation process to enable scalability, no matter how much content needs to be translated.


Offering a full load method to incorporation by binding in with content management platforms, e-commerce solutions, help desks, and more. This centralized integration makes positioning of new language translations painless.

Simple and Collective

Translation management systems permit for custom workflows and automation measures. Translation progress can be supervised in real time, and alert users as translations finish.

Brand Devoted

Translation management systems at LangSpire allow our clients’ to direct brand tone to translators, and provide strategies to make businesses and brands sound steady in every language.

Translation Management Systems Highlight High Value Content

With enterprise translation management systems our team at LangSpire can incorporate analytics and reporting, allowing our clients’ to comprehend the direct ROI impact of localization energies.

One of the features of Translation Management Systems is called “Workflow Management” which includes systematizing procedures, handling documents, simplifying communication between the different team members, and mostly speeding things up and making them more well-organized and less pricey. We aid small or big businesses and brands working on a content management system (CMS) for regular publishing of content on a website. With the Translation Management System, we can help clients mechanically clutch new content and allocate it to translators so that their multilingual audience stays up-to-date and well communicated.

Secondly, in a digital age of where translation volume is sky-rocketing high, translation memories will not only save money but will also support uphold uniformity by providing translators orientation to previously translated material. Translation memories preserve the memories centrally and on the fly, the process is a lot more streamlined in comparison to offline computer assisted translation tools. Parallel to translation memories, terminology databases clasp translations for businesses and brands in terms of branding. It is of much importance and need for brands to uphold and use a lingo database to safeguard reliability in branding across regions and languages.

The third feature – reporting. We at LangSpire understand and acknowledge that businesses and brands want to know and keep themselves updated on how much work has been done, how much money has been spent and how things stand in assessment to planned productions. Translation Management System can support fold all this data with comfort since all work is accomplished centrally through the same system.

LangSpire enterprise translation management system offers a variety of functions to support in any of our client’s localization struggles. Our expert and professional team of translation management system has experience and the expertise in the native integrations for the most popular e-commerce platforms, content management systems, help desk portals, marketing hubs, and repositories to make localization uncomplicated. LangSpire’s efficient team of talented translators from all over the globe help clients provide precise translation in any language.

Are you in need of localization services? If yes, then with LangSpire as a leading supplier of localization services for top technology companies, is your best stop for any sort of translation needs. Contact us if you’re ready to find out how we can support you expand into new markets.