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3D Visualization & Video-editing

3D Visualization is the ultimate dynamic visual in the digital world of today. At LangSpire we make the whole process of developing a 3D Visualization and editing a video quick and easy. We create an outstanding 360-degree view of any brand or business products in 3D animation services. We possess animation experts capable of producing 3-dimensional animation for clients’ business needs. As we all know that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the trending technologies. If you are considering to create captivating VR/AR models, then our team of experts can help you with 3D models and real-time-like visuals.

Whether you are editing or cropping video, need a brand new 3D Visual, adding special effects or rendering finished video, all you need is a steady power-house of proficient team members. That is just what LangSpire Technology custom-builds for brands and businesses. We meet the demands and the requirements of the Digital, Media and Entertainment Industry for brilliant graphics capabilities, ultra-fast processing and rock-solid permanence.

LangSpire Technology focuses on using the premier quality for Video Editing, 3D Design & Rendering Workstations and put them through rigorous stress tests before submitting the final version to clients. Our team of experts repeatedly check the functionality and consistency of every component of the client’s project distinctly and jointly within the system. Because our aim is to deliver high quality visuals with control standards imposed at every step. At LangSpire, we make sure fast turnaround times for every single request we receive from our clients’ without compromising the quality and the timelines.

LangSpire helps clients’ with creating all kinds of models like illustrations, mockups, photorealistic models. We have returning clients with cyclical needs because our team is reliable in providing 3D product rendering and modeling service. We have experts to deliver the best 3D modeling and 3D rendering services, starting from sculpting, rendering, and animation to video editing.

We follow a stringent route to succeed in each project.

The steps we follow include:

1. Gathering Requirements

Our team of experts meticulously associate with our clients to gather details like exact requirements, targeted audience, and the delivery time.

2. Scrutinizing Requirement and Commencement of the Project

After our team collects the requisite details, we methodically examine the needs and kick start the project to work on the images/files/objects you sent us or want us to create from scratch.

3. Model Formation

We employ 3D scanning or photogrammetry and create the models while staying closely connected with the client.

4. Developing 3D models

3D product rendering and modeling experts work on converting objects into 3D models.

5. Customizing Models as per Client Needs

Our team of experts then generate a wireframe and add texture maps to produce the custom effects. We also transform, edit the 3D shapes to translate the 3D models into 2D objects using the 3D product rendering software.

6. Client Approval and Final Delivery

Lastly, our team transfers the rendered files to the clients through the secured FTP channel. After we collect the approval or recommendations to tweak or edit, we further work on it finalization and then finally deliver the absolute end product through the same channel.