Remote Interpreting Technology

Remote Interpreting Technology

Remote Interpreting Technology

Let’s just for the sake of understanding the importance of Video and Phone interpretation services, envision waking up in a hospital bed where you don’t speak the same language as your caregivers. Or you are traveling to a different city and your got in an emergency and are unable to speak the language of the region; you are sick, scared and worst of all you are alone! This is where video and phone interpretation gives you hope to connect to the locals in their language and help communicate your emergency and details.

Mostly people incline to think of interpretation as a transaction, trading one word for another much as one would exchange currency. At LangSpire, we think of interpretation as an overpoweringly human understanding. More than transactional, it should be transformational – both for our clients and the communities they serve with in.

Video and phone Interpreting is indeed a transformational technology. It is available via tablet, smartphone, or laptop. It allows Limited-English speakers, as well as the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, to feel heard and seen by another person.

During this digital and globalization age, language services are likely to be indispensable to the triumph of any business or brand that wants to expand in the global market. With prompt global communication, amplified cultural multiplicity, and technology enabling the ability to do business across borders, translation and interpreter services are more obligatory now than they may have been before.

Within the world of interpretation services, there are a selection of different types: face to face interpreting, telephone interpreting, and video remote interpreting. If one is stuck somewhere without a professional interpreter nearby, the need to go with telephone or video interpreting is the option left. Video remote interpreting is a pronounced solution for emergency situations such as an Emergency Room at a hospital.

Video Interpreting

Video interpretation can generate better interpretation outcome than telephone interpreting because the interpreter has a visual connection with the speaker. Some facial lexes and body language can be interpreted easily when the subject is on screen. But a disadvantage with video is the gear. You may not have the right equipment to set up a clear video and audio connection. Even with the appropriate equipment, internet connectivity can pose glitches at times. And, in general, video interpreting will cost you more than telephone interpreting. The benefits of video remote interpretation are infinite, with applied practices every day in hospitals, recovery centers, and just about anywhere with connectivity. Forward-thinking technology like this breaks down communication barricades for the deaf, hard of hearing, or non-native English-speaking individuals everywhere.

Whereas, the ultimate plus point of telephone interpreting is swiftness. Phones are reachable far and wide. In an emergency or when you need speedy interpretation, a phone can get you connected to an interpreter factually within seconds. Some language service companies, such as ourselves, take pride on being able to deliver clients with telephone and video interpreting in any language. Hence, phone interpretation has a huge range of uses. It can connect bosses with their employees and brands with their customers. It can also deliver much-needed information in an accurate and timely manner.

During the epidemic, the way that we interact – from meetings, to doctor’s visits to depositions – has transformed drastically, so in order to sidestep confusions, misdiagnosis or misrepresentation, your interpretation strategy needs to change too. We at LangSpire, understand that each type of remote communication entails its own solution, that’s why we offer over-the-phone and video-remote interpretation solutions that can be scheduled in advance with the specific subject matter experts that is needed, or suitably accessed on-demand for instant interaction. Our remote and phone interpretation services are available in over 200 languages, including ASL, and can be custom-made to fit the teleconferencing platform of your choice.

Scheduled video interpretation is the favored technique of interpretation for statements and other legal proceedings that would normally be held in person. This option delivers the same white glove service as on-site interpretation, including access to subject matter experts. For situations that don’t necessitate face to face interaction, scheduled Over the Phone Interpretation is a great choice. This option delivers the same white glove service as on-site and scheduled remote-face to-face interpreting, including access to subject matter experts.

With the changing world due to Covid-19, we have noticed over the past year a swift spurt in our comfort level with all things virtual. High-stakes meetings are held on Zoom, while diagnoses are delivered via telehealth. The rate of acceptance for these technologies has gone from a walk to a sprint since the onset of the pandemic, and while there may be some lapse to the mean, there is little doubt that these advancements are here to stay even as we return to a post-lockdown world. With this, it is now clear that in person interpreter is less needed as compared to phone and video interpreter due to everything going online now.

From a small meeting or a one-on-one interview, to a much larger scale conference for hundreds of delegates, our phone and video interpretation is the solution to your decoding.

Video Interpreting Structures

  • Ideal for use in remote locations with limited access to an on-site interpreter
  • Lots of possibilities available to best suit your interpreting services requests
  • Technical support included

Video Interpreting Benefits

  • Save time and money on travel expenses
  • Deliver a clearer and concise interpretation with visual aid
  • Great for use during conferences and presentation screenings

Over-the-phone interpreters help many sectors, as they are:

  • Available 24/7
  • Expert linguists and native speakers
  • Cost-effective
  • Trusted translation partners
  • Certified for specific requirements
  • Available worldwide

At LangSpire, our services are reinforced by a global community of interpreters. Designated through a detailed hiring process, and assigned to customers matching their skills and expertise. Our skilled interpreters deliver a personable and professional quality interpreting service with unmatched flexibility. Each interpreter is assigned to a coach and language specialist for assessment and review of their performance and is rated by the coach and our customers’ feedback.

Our team at LangSpire, make every effort to provide the best possible remote interpreting service, available anytime, everywhere, in every language pair, and in any device.