Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services

If you want to reach the most people, you have to take a multifaceted approach to your marketing campaign. Combinations of video, voice and text applications with LangSpire’s multimedia translation services will help you stand out in the worldwide marketplace. We’ll enable you to attract new customers and increase loyalty from existing customers, all while increasing your revenue.

Production Lifecycle Support

Our translation service provider will support you throughout the production process, which means:

  • Pre-Production Support: Includes script growth, alteration, review of professional casting, and bilingual supervisors and/or directors
  • Production Services Support: Includes multilingual voice talent, professional recording services for both voice-over and dubbing, and full production crews for shooting in-language
  • Post Production Services: Includes editing, mixing, subtitling, graphics replacement, transcription, flash localization, film editing, and conversion

Voice-over and Dubbing

For voice-overs of television commercials, corporate training videos, and more, LangSpire has a huge network of qualified translators on-hand. We have speaking commentators and dubbing services specialists who have expertise in many different languages. This enables us to help you communicate your message effectively in both international marketplaces and confined communities.

Subtitling Translation

We can make sure your message is interpreted concisely because we are fluent in over 140 languages! In order to ensure we provide you with the best subtitling services possible, we break down the process into multiple phases:

  • First, we spot the entry and exit times of the subtitles, making sure they’re harmonized with the audio.
  • In the next phase, the translation from the original context is taken and adapted.
  • Then, the representation of the translated subtitles with the image and audio are checked to make sure they meet our high standards.
  • In the last phase, the rectification of errors and adjustments of the text is completed.


Whether you are looking for medical, corporate, or legal translation services, LangSpire can take your content and provide you with an accurate transcription. We have experience with a wide variety of media that includes tape, DVD, internet, video, audio, and live broadcast.