At LangSpire, we know that Software Localization is more than just the translation of a product’s User Interface. Clients require software localization services to overcome the cultural and regional blockades for their products and services to reach a much broader target audience.

Software localization implicates distinct and diverse workflows for the alteration of user interface, help files, and technical documentation. On the other hand, these distinct practices must be synchronized and leveraged in order to make certain the maximum cost savings, fastest time-to-market, and greatest uniformity in the final product.

Our Professional team at LangSpire can comfort your audience by providing them with functioning local language versions of websites they visit and the apps they download. Only world-class software localization services can provide them – We can help you adapt your software to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a market you plan to expand in.

LOCALization process

As we know, localization is crucial to driving software sales and recognition of the app.

We have a team of professionals language experts specifically for software localization; software Localization Engineers, Project Managers, Translators, and Quality Assurance experts who hold the knowledge, experience, technical skills, linguistic aptitude, tools, and client-first attitude to provide quality final product on the promised timelines, and within reasonable budget. The experts take on multifaceted and intimidating tasks, swiftly break them down into their key modules, and apply a process-oriented approach that leads to effective localization of software products and applications.

With the industry’s most progressive technical knowledge combined with expert team of engineers, we are client dedicated & able to deliver build environment, resize dialogue boxes, track and fix bugs, manage version control, write test scripts, or simply take screenshots. The outcome is nothing less than the most wide-ranging software localization solution available in the industry.

We help generate all essential records, roadmaps and backup tools for instigating software from scratch, as well as refining existing software, using our client framework for any language.

Importance of Software Localization for Global Companies

To grasp prospective customers in this era of digitalization, software localization is the need of an hour. Staying significant in the global sphere of influence, businesses have to be able to interconnect with their audiences meritoriously. If a brand is formulating to take the company globally, localization will play a perilous role in its accomplishment.

The global software market is presently valued at over $456 billion and is mounting across all devices. But regardless of the noteworthy growth, today’s applications will be overruled if they don’t meet user anticipations. Giving the final product the look and feel of having been forming for a target market—no matter the language, culture or location— necessitates localization.

Businesses need to localize their software for making a mark in global markets. Some people are of the view that software localization will have amplified administrative and overhead costs, and it will slow down the process of software release. It is true, but the ROI it will provide businesses is worth these difficulties. Let us have a look at why software localization is important for global companies.

Satisfying the Customer Requirement

It is frequently experienced that brands can adjust and understand the different and dynamic cultures of different regions and nations and ultimately leads to offensive outcomes. Software localization will help in dealing with such disastrousresults. Software localization helps in creating a more user-friendly user experience for a diverse range of customers. It further helps in converting software browsers to software users.

Enhancing your Customer Base

Improving the company’s prospective customer base is the requisite of today’s digital world. Transforming the software through translation and localization is a great tool for global growth. Professional localization helps to alleviate the barricade for new potential customers because localized software penetrates the local markets in a better way and restricts cultural barriers.

Increases the Sales

When more people start using the platform, then more people will be involved in the company’s software. Hence, having a positive effect on sales. The best part is that software localization will attract clients who speak languages other than English. An increase in sales will boost revenue.

CMS Integration - For More Restructured Website Translations

Localization and translation developments can be streamlined by integrating our technology with our clients’ platforms and translate and localize content directly in their CMS.


By filling the gap between the CMS content and the translation workflow, businesses can benefit from a leaner process and all the usual advantages including discounts for repeated content, guaranteed consistency of terminology and improved turnarounds.


Regardless of what CMS platform the client is using — WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or any other—we help companies with the technology that efficiently transfers the content needed to be translated into our TMS. Our technology impeccably finalizes the translation while protecting the tags, formatting, images, tables, embedded video, and other key elements of the original. This is an easier, faster, and far more efficient way to localize websites rather than manually exporting content. Now, you can automate the process and concentrate on making your website truly global.


Need to create an efficient workflow between your CMS and your translation provider?
Our CMS integration solution may be able to help.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance

Taking your software international means investingin localization and internationalization. We at LangSpire can help your applications perform the same way in every language and culture. Our software localization testing team can affectedly lessen the threat of a product failing in the marketplace and significantly decrease support costs.

Our testing solutions make sure our clients’ software, websites, and multimedia perform unfailingly across all required languages, operating systems, browsers, channels, and devices—avoiding costly delays and potentially damaging flaws.

We are dedicated to offering businesses the freedom of choice while providing subject matter with proficient and custom-built approaches to best fit their business necessities. Therefore, when it comes to translation services, we understand that each project is different. Our methodology is to modify a solution that works most efficiently for them

Testing Process

Software usually needs to be assembled to integrate the localized strings into the executable application. In most projects, the most critical testing focuses on linguistic correctness of the translation and appropriate appearance of the localized user interface.

Linguistic testing

Once localization is finished and the software is recompiled in the target languages, the software is tested using linguistically focused testers who scrutinize the localized software. Throughout this stage, testers confirm correct use of expressions in framework, look for incomplete translations, and check spelling and grammar.

User interface testing

For the duration of this testing stage, testers confirm no controls are abbreviated, test the shortcut keys, and make sure that the software looks correct from a user perspective. In addition to linguistic and user interface testing, which are characteristically built-in in the scope of a software localization testing phase, there are surplus testing services that might be required for some projects.

Internationalization testing

The testers emphasize the executable software, check for precision of user input in numerous character sets, and confirm the exact display and dispensation of locale-specific information, including time and date formats, currency, numbers, and sorting.

Functionality testing

In the functionality testing stage of localized software, testers crisscross for correct software operation. Our team of testers typically engages the test plans and scripts created to test the original source-language software.

Compatibility testing

The team of testers tests localized software with target-language operating systems and localized supporting applications, such as browsers. In compatibility testing, additional types of hardware can be used with different operating system versions and configurations depending on client requirements.

Why Choose LangSpire’s Localization Services

Software Localization Services

Agile Localization

Agile is now the standard for tech-driven, fast-growing software companies, allowing businesses to emphasize uninterrupted product development.

App Translation

We are well prepared to translate your user interface (UI) content no matter what your growth environment commands.

Excel Translation

When translating Excel files, numerous objects need to be taken into attention to guarantee an effective result.


LangSpire is the software localization service provider with the edge of having engineering proficiency, tools, and experience to offer all-inclusive IBM i software localization.

Online Help Localization

Providing online Help in the language of the user is perilous in confirming that the information made available is communicated correctly.

JSON Translation

Our team of experts provides solutions for localizing JSON files. Translated JSON files are made ready for clients so they can be imported into their LMS and be accessible for instantaneous use

Whatever platform you use for your product’s expansion, making its user interface accessible in several languages will help you upsurge revenue and market share. Moreover, your users will be more skilled – and eventually more content – using a product accessible with its user interface localized to their very own native language.

You can focus on your core business and rest assured that your software’s global descriptions are in the hands of specialists who capitalized on your accomplishment. We also provide localization services for Movies, Websites, Mobile apps, Marketing material & Video games.

We assure you to deliver the most precise, highest quality localization services that you can find. You concentrate on escalating to reach all over world. Our team at LangSpire will pay attention to the software localization services that get you there.

If you are discerning what it would take to bargain for multilingual versions of your application, let’s discuss how we can support & assist you in your project. Please contact us to get started.

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Participating in today’s loud and busy international markets is no easy feat. Not only do you have to set yourself apart with the products and services you offer, you also have to reach your target audience with the right voice. That can be difficult if you’re trying to communicate with your customers and clients when they speak different languages.
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