We take our certified translation services one step further by making sure your message is consistent across multiple languages.

Desktop Publishing & Formatting

At LangSpire our Desktop Publishing & Formatting team is equipped to craft and optimize all your online and print documents requirement for publication.

In the translation industry, desktop publishing means formatting documents acceptably after they have been translated. The requirement for DTP differs, with some projects demanding little or no DPT at all, while other with multifaceted formatting requiring many hours of work. We at LangSpire cater to all sort of Desktop Publishing & Formatting services that are requested by clients.

With Desktop Publishing & Formatting services, our clients’ can experience the enhanced presentation of documents, tailored to target audience for a culturally appropriate style and leading results by experienced professionals.

At LangSpire we believe in making work life easy for you, that is why we provide our clients’ with translations that are fully formatted; in simpler words, i.e. in the same format in which you received them. Our expert team of DTP makes sure that all translated documents including; catalogues, flyers, books, brochures, magazines and other printed products, appear the same as the original provided by the client, preserving the format, the assembly and the program with which it was produced.

Above all, with an experienced team of graphic designers we are able to design, recreate or even develop any ideas our clients’ may propose. We truly understand that designing is to be attractive enough for promoting the product or service our client wishes to market.

Our Desktop Publishing & Formatting Service Offering

  • Font management applications
  • Formatting and page layout
  • Creating and editing graphics and screenshots
  • Working with markup languages such as HTML, SGML, XML
  • Converting the output of translated material in multiple formats
  • Post-DTP quality control checks

We at LangSpire are highly dedicated to providing outstanding Desktop Publishing & Formatting services that meet the needs of a broad range of customers. Ranging from print to online platforms, our utmost priority is ensuring that every client is contented with our work and end result Some more of the desktop publishing services we deal with are creating layouts and cover designs for books and newspapers, DTP photo editing services, and DTP type setting services. Our team of DTP experts are also able to generate brochures, point of sale displays, and catalogs at the client’s demand.

Our goal at LangSpire is to propose DTP services from which our clients and their businesses will value. Our promise to offer quality outcome to our clients’ with the broad experience of our team, our services deliver clients with access to dedicated expertise and project management which will boost the quality of their publications.

We are flexible to all the needs of clients and propose an impressive range of value-added services, in addition to traditional DTP services. If you have any questions regarding a translation project, we’re here to help you!